April 15, 2022

Health Make-a-Thon Winners Focus on Advancing Health Tech

  • By Beth Hart
Four teams were selected as winners in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s Spring Health Make-a-Thon Tournament of Champions competition held on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Each of the nine teams competing had won a previous Health Make-a-Thon competition and were vying for $20,000 per team in continued resource support from the Health Maker Lab, [...]
Health Maker Lab
December 10, 2021

Fall Health Make-a-Thon Tackles Mental Health Solutions for Underserved Populations

  • By Beth Hart
Three teams of student innovators were selected as winners by a pool of Dolphin Tank judges in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s Fourth Annual  Fall Health Make-a-Thon organized by the Health Maker Lab. Seven teams comprised of medical students, engineering/computer science students, community members, and health care providers brain-stormed mental health solutions for underserved [...]
ASL Aspire Header
November 17, 2021


  • By Beth Hart
Computer science student Ayesha Kazi was in her first-year at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2019, when bioengineering student Mona Jawad inspired Kazi to leverage technology to help deaf students overcome obstacles in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning. Stemming from her work researching cochlear implants with College of Applied Health Sciences professor Justin [...]
PillSafe Prototype with the Health Maker Lab coin
August 27, 2021

Health Make-a-Thon Winner Targets Opioid Addiction Prevention with New Device Prototypes

  • By Beth Hart
A Carle Illinois College of Medicine Health Make-a-Thon winner is closer to helping prevent opioid addiction with a unique pill bottle cap designed to monitor potential misuse of the medication. Ariana Alam Mizan was a 16-year-old University Lab High School student when she entered and won the September 2020 Health Make-a-Thon. Her award-winning pill bottle [...]
April 30, 2021

HML 2021 Virtual Health Make-a-Thon Gives Citizen Scientists a Shot at Making Their Health-Related Innovations a Reality

  • By Beth Hart
Eyes on the prize, twenty teams of “citizen scientists” from across the state—students, healthcare workers, educators, entrepreneurs, community members, and professionals—participated in the Spring 2021 Virtual Health Make-a-Thon competition on Saturday, April 17th. The prize? A Maker Lab Innovation coin that would entitle the bearer to $10,000-worth of resources from the University of Illinois’s Health [...]
April 17, 2021

2021 Health Make-a-thon Winners Announced

  • By Beth Hart
Ten teams of innovators have been selected by a panel of judges and audience members as winners of the 2021 Health Make-a-Thon at Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Contestants presented innovative solutions that will have wide-reaching impact on human health and address disparities in health care. 2021 Health Make-a-Thon Winners: CalidGear: Wearable Thermoregulation Device by Tayyaba [...]
March 24, 2021

Twenty finalists chosen to compete in Spring 2021 Health Make-A-Thon

  • By Beth Hart
Twenty teams of innovators ranging from middle schoolers to college and medical students, to healthcare providers will pitch their health and wellness ideas to a panel of judges on Saturday, April 17, at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s third annual Health Make-A-Thon competition. The finalist teams were chosen from a field of 94 entries [...]
January 29, 2021


  • By Beth Hart
URBANA – People who have navigated tough situations in health care often have the best ideas for how to improve the system. The goal of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine Health Make-a-Thon competition is to provide the support that everyday people need to help bring those ideas to life. The competition is organized by Health [...]
November 15, 2020

Community invited to submit health innovation ideas for chance to win $10,000 in idea support

  • By
Have you ever experienced frustration with healthcare-related issues and thought there must be a better way? Illinois residents are invited to submit their idea for improving human health to the third annual Health Make-a-Thon competition. The 10 best ideas each will be supported with $10,000 in resources, materials, and mentorship. This includes access to the [...]
October 2, 2020

UIUC bioengineering students share their Health Make-a-Thon experiences

  • By
By Joy Chen, Kavya Sudhir and Huan Song The Health-Make-a-Thon is an annual startup competition hosted by the Carle Illinois College of Medicine, the first engineering-based college of medicine in the world. Makers from across the state of Illinois pitched their ideas with the goal of democratizing health innovation to improve the world's well-being. Ten [...]