Health Make-A-Thon

Illinois residents are invited to submit ideas for improving human health to the third annual Health Make-a-Thon competition. The 10 best ideas will each be supported by $10,000 in Health Maker Lab resources to create a real prototype of their idea. Submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2021. Winners will be selected at a virtual event on April 17, 2021.

Health Make-a-thon 2019 finalists

It’s our more friendly and approachable version of what’s often called a “shark tank” in the world of entrepreneurship. In the dolphin tank, 20 innovative finalists will each have two minutes to pitch their great idea to improve human health—and you’ll get to cheer them on as they do.

Everyone is encouraged to attend! This is your chance to see innovation in the making—and maybe to get inspired for next year’s event. Grab your kids and your friends, and show support for Illinois’ health makers and the democratization of health innovation.

Our judges are entrepreneurs, innovators, scholars, healthcare providers, and citizen scientists from across the state of Illinois. You can meet a few here. Help fuel this high-energy event while doing your part to make a better future for healthcare.

The virtual Health Make-a-Thon event will take place on April 17, 2021.

Registration for the 2021 Make-a-Thon here!

2021 Health Make-A-Thon Finalists

A Smart Toy: Aiding Cognitive Development in Children with Autism by Gerry Derksen and Stan Ruecker

A Wire-Free, 12-Lead EKG by Kenny Leung

Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Social Workers Addressing Homelessness by Matthew De Venecia

Artificial Muscle-based Exoskeleton as a Shock-Absorbing Assistive Device by Jonghyun Hwang

CalidGear: Wearable Thermoregulation Device by Tayyaba Ali

ECG Shirt by Hanna Erickson, Manisha Reddy, and Meghna Basavaraju

FaceIt: A Wearable Medical Device to Measure and Monitor Facial Tension as a Biomarker of Related Complications and Stress by Mehreen Ali

Healing Healthcare Disparities among BIPOC Patients through Virtual Reality Cultural Competency Training by Victoria Fields, Mardia Bishop, Charee Thompson, Sarah Bencivenga

Hologram Medical Training by Mamadi Papus Keita and April Louise Keita

izzii: An App that Aids in Generalizability and Inclusion in Phase III Clinical Trials by Sneha Subramanian and Avani Patel

Music to My Ears, A Balm From Bronzeville by Malik Ali Muhammad and Ray Muhammad

Nano-Hyperbaric Delivery System for Chronic Wounds by Michael Tsipursky, Joseph Irudayaraj, Jordan Marsh, and Neelabh Sharma (Champaign County)

NutriU: A Personalized, Automated Nutrition Assistant by Emily Chen, Firmiana Wang, Sarah Guo, and Anuprova Bhowmik

OUCH: Optimizing Understanding of Critical Health by Bhavika Kagathi and Lindsay Kwok

PediPressure Monitor by Amy Minas

Preventing Acute Renal Failure after Crush Injury by Nathaniel Brooke and Ariana Barreau

ProteCKD: Earlier Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease among Underrepresented Patient Populations by Ariana Barreau, Phani Gaddipati, Andrew Chang, Isabella Lebovic, Priya Kumar, and Thomas Chow

ScreenAI: Using Image Recognition to Drive Patient-centered Dermatology by Romir Singla, Christopher George, and Sohom Dash

STEM Vocabulary App for Deaf Students by Mona Jawad, Ethan Gaughan, Aditi Adya, Ryan Martin, Ayesha Kazi, Sumayyah Hussain, Amy Lee, Elizabeth Troy, and Sri Medisetti

StickON: An Attachable Device to Prevent Severe Hormone-Related Psychiatric Disorders by Ryan He, Elan Pan, Hong Chen, Ian Pan

2020 Health Make-A-Thon Winners

PillSafe Smart Cap
Ariana Alam Mizan

Joy Chen, Adam Dama

Ultrasonic Visual Aid
Emily Jean Smith, Natalie Ramsy, Catherine Stauffer

Sebastian Souryris, Aaron Brown, Nekita Thomas


Shonit Nair Sharma

Kavya Sudhir, Sanjana Chunduri, Saloni Garg, Trisha Yadav

Low-cost, Portable Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Device
Mobola Kukoyi

Single Action Needles
Dylan Peters, David Kostyra

Anemone: A Safe Space in Your Phone
Ananya Cleetus

Wheelchair Wheel Redesign
Wen KunYuan, Anna Chi, Jessica Hung